Our goal is to allow everyone use Menuino to make their life and job easier, and that is why we have pricing plans to match every budget.
How the Support works?

Basic Support: We can assist you through our email with any questions you might have about creating menu's, printing codes, billing, and all that you need. Please refer to FAQ before sending an email, because we might have the answer there already.

Standard Support: We can assist with menu creation and priting qr codes, as long as the quantity and complexity is acceptable. Also you got everything that Basic Support includes.

Premium Support: We can create your menu, help you with QR codes design, and anything you might need, within the limit of reason. You get Standard and Basic support perks as well.

How the Billing works?

We charge at the end of each month, dependable on how much resources you've used during the month. So if u registered at 1st of January, you should pay at 1st of February.

We made the payment resource-based, so it is convenient for people that want to have Code for every table, but they don't want to pay all the time for codes they don't use. You pay only for the codes that are scanned during the month.

This decision was driven by the idea to charge only for the resource you use, not a penny more. We want people to feel safe, convenient and happy when using Menuino, and to understand that we appreciate the trust, and we value greatly your happiness.

Thank you for choosing Menuino!